T-SCORE Units & Lessons

In the units below, T-SCORE teachers ask scientific questions within the context of their students’ everyday lives and to build their knowledge of health science skills and career choices. By infusing local community research and health disparities knowledge into their lessons, teachers connect students with the health realities of their communities and to provide them with tools to help improve health differences across counties and in their particular neighborhoods. Ultimately, these units provide students with learning experiences that grow their interest and knowledge in the health sciences.

Below, you will find the resources for the units created by our T-SCORE Staff:

T-SCORE Teacher Developed Units

Health Advocacy & SES

How can we improve socio-economic and health outcomes in our community?

Probability and Public Health 

How can we help the community overcome the probability of poor health outcomes?

Nurturance & Resilience

What do students need to thrive?

Leading the Way to Better Water

Is our water safe to drink?

Asthma & the Clean Air Project

How does asthma affect the teenage body?

Capstone Introduction 

How do social determinants of health and physical health affect mental health?

Infant Mortality

How does one’s lifestyle and community affect the health of an unborn child?

Health Disparities for Principles of Biomedical Science

How does mental health affect physical health?

Health Disparities for Human Body Systems

How does mental health affect physical health?

Supporting Units Created by T-SCORE Staff

Health Disparities – Introductory Unit

How do various factors (social, environmental, etc.) influence larger social trends such as health disparities?

Health Advocacy

How can we as individuals identify and address the major health issues in our community?

Health Careers

What is the place for me in the health care system?

Lessons to Support Project Based Learning Units

If you need a few lessons to build your students’ skills to effectively implement a PBL unit, try our “Onboarding to PBL” lessons!

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